Opportunity Research - Who's Who?Opportunity Research: To find out if an opportunity really exists for your product or service, ask a potential customer.

OK so you think you’ve found a new market or stumbled across a new market opportunity? At B2B Sell we like to deal in facts and the only way to find out whether there’s a real opportunity is to ASK.

For many reasons people feel uncomfortable, lifting up the phone to complete strangers, introducing themselves and asking important questions. So this is what we do; we take the time to understand your product or service, how to communicate it’s value and ask potential clients questions to find out (qualify) if they are actually interested in buying what you sell. This is delivered in a systematic and consistent fashion.

You may love your new idea or product but that doesn’t matter, what matters is will people spend their money with you and this is what we find out.

The Process of Opportunity Research

We use a systematic method both for Opportunity Research & Lead Generation, it works as follows;

1. Identify Target Customer

2. Build a Database of Targets Customers (Using Our Databases) with a decent sample size

3. Qualify Opportunities by Contacting ‘Suspects’ (potential clients) and Asking ‘Qualifing Questions’

4. Gauge Market Attitude and Understand the Obstacles to Sales Development

All of this is delivered in a polite, professional manner and nothing is done to negatively impact on our client’s business or damage their brand.

As far as your potential customer is concerned we work for you – We introduce ourselves as working for your organisation and we use your company email address.

You’ll receive a summary of all conversations coded by interested, unavailable or not interested, in real time if required. To find out more about how the process works please fill out the form or call us on

What to know how to research a contact before a call see here Researching a Prospect

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