what is inside sales

Inside Sales – What is inside sales?

Inside Sales – Basically it’s sales done remotely but with human interaction. The term ‘inside sales’ is used to distinguish it from telesales, as it involves multiple interactions and selling more complex products and services. It’s mainly conducted over the phone but can be augmented with webinar and video tools.

Inside sales can work as a replacement for ‘face to face’ sales in many instances.



inside sales what not neededWhat’s required for inside sales?

  1. Thorough understanding of the value proposition
  2. Good business knowledge and experience
  3. A reasonable technical knowledge but not necessarily in depth
  4. Integrity
  5. Drive and ambition
  6. A systematic and methodical approach
  7. Intelligence



inside salesWhat’s not necessary!

  1. An in depth technical knowledge of the product or service (we can explain this one to  you)
  2. A driving licence
  3. An expense account







why inside salesWhy Use Inside Sales?

  1. According to the Harvard Business Review Inside Sales can reduce the cost of sales by 40% – 90%
  2. According to a recent insidesales.com survey 70% of buyers prefer not to spend face to face time with sales reps
  3. Closer monitoring of sales activity
  4. Ability to operate over a larger geographical area – International from an office chair
  5. Flexibility
  6. Inside sales is growing 15 times faster than outside sales


How Does it Work?

  1. Identify suspects
  2. Qualify opportunities – Are they a ‘real’ potential customer?
  3. Discovery – Understand pain points and gain insight to the business unit
  4. Without been ‘pushy’, push their thinking and don’t be afraid to share potentially controversial business issues, provided the scenario can be substantiated
  5. Link the solution to;
    1. Outcomes
    2. Advantages
    3. Benefits
    4. Features
  6. Guide to a Call to Action and gain commitment to the next phase of the sales cycle
  7. Understand where and when to call in technical expertise
  8. Qualify opportunities using detailed evaluation matrix
  9. Know when the sale is ready to close and when a ‘buying signal’ is flagged, then ask for the order

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