#1 Download – SCOTSMAN – Sales Close Qualification System



Have you ever spent your time working hard on a sales, only to find it’s never going to close? Well, we all have and no doubt will do again in the future. Sometime sales people know in their ‘hart & sole’ it’s never going to close but feel pressure to fill an otherwise empty pipeline with something.Sometime it’s just blissful ignorance.

Either way we’re wasting our most valuable asset – TIME. The trick is to identify the important characteristics of a successful sale, what to look out for that will tell you whether you’ll win the business or not.

In a ‘complex sale’ while the sales cycle takes a month or more, I like to use a two stage qualification using two method FAINT (covered here in our blog ) at the initial stage and SCOTSMAN where you’ve completed the requirements analysis stage.

The SCOTSMAN system is more complex and we’re giving away our free Excel spreadsheet which simple enables you to fill in and find out if you’re going to get the order or not.


  • FAINT = Funds, Authority, Interest, Need, Timeframe
  • Sales Cycle = The phases or stages in the selling process e.g. finding a potential customer, meet them, making a proposal, the agreement
  • Complex Sale = When the sales cycle takes one to eighteen month, it’s nothing to do with how complex the product is. Selling Mineral Water is a simple product but closing a deal with a distributor could take several months

#2 Download – LEANN Canvas – A simple one page business plan



A LEAN Canvass is like a one-page business plan, to get the idea out of your head, so you can brainstorm the opportunity and obstacles to your new business, service, or product.

The LEAN Canvass is popular with business advisors and government bodies assessing your ‘go to market’ readiness. The B2B Sell LEAN Canvass is adaptation of the extremely popular Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder see his video here Osterwalder explaining the Business Model Canvas

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