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B2B Lead Generation

Without sales your company can’t exist but if your company is a technical or professional organisation, you may be brilliant at what you do but may find it a challenge to win new customers. If this is you maybe you need us?

The sales process starts off with Lead Generation!

Lead Generation companies b2b is the process of creating sales leads which might convert into a sale for the company!

It’s the first step in winning new business and often it’s the task that organisations find most difficult.

Lead Generation Services

We’ve counted over 30 basic lead generation methods including;

Cold Calling, Advertising, Networking, Word of Mouth (possibly the best), Bandit Signs, Lumpy Mail, Pay Per Click, SEO, LinkedIn™ and Social Media Marketing to name a few!

Each one has its place, but we favour direct sales contact, telesales; it’s the only method which involves a dialogue, a two-way conversation. A method where we have the opportunity to ask qualifying questions for example;

Qualifying Questions

  • Do you need our solution?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you have the authority to make the decision?
  • When might you buy it?

However if these questions are not delivered in a polite and professional way, they’re a conversation killer.

So make sure when you need to make direct contact, you ask a professional!

The process we follow;

  • Define your target client (Ideal Prospect Profile)
  • Build a list of suspect (we use a database of every ‘real’ business in Ireland, UK and other territories)
  • Write down what you’re going to say – Powerful opening statement, compelling arguments, qualifying questions and strong but reasonable call to action (i.e. what happens next, an appointment, free trial or webinar)

B2B Lead Generation Services

Sales Lead Generation Companies

We’re probably unique amongst the top lead generation companies, especially b2b lead generation companies; all our sales executives worked as either C-level executives or were successful business owners themselves. To find out more about our B2B Lead Generation Services and how the process works please fill out the form or call us on

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