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    Business to Business

    lead generation ireland

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    Lead Generation Ireland

    Delivering Lead Generation Ireland and Telesales. We’re probably unique in that All our Agents have been C Level Executives and Business Owners Themselves.

    – Integrity, Commitment and ‘good old fashioned hard work’

    If you’re in the B2B professional service (e.g. marketing agency, training company, accountant), technology or IT space, you’re probably very good at what you do but are busy looking after the customers that pay the bills! However, you may be missing sales opportunities. To stay active, consistent and systematic in finding new customers is really very difficult and this is the solution we provide.

    A Dublin based, Irish company we help with Opportunity Research, Lead Generation (Definition) and Sales Appointments Services, providing you with new b2b sales leads and qualified sales opportunities. Additionally, some of our clients are better at product or service delivery, so they also rely on us to provide the full sales solution, limiting themselves to technical support to sales; a complete sales outsourcing service – It’s a particular skills set and one that myself, David Doyle, and my team of mature sales professionals are very good at.

    So, if you’re worried about missing sales opportunities it’s never too early or too late to contact us. Whether you’re looking for appointments domestically or internationally, help with the entire sales process or sales outsourcing services in Ireland. B2B Sell can give you an honest appraisal.

    It costs nothing to talk, so please, feel free to lift up the phone or fill out the online form and find out if we might be able to help you. Don’t worry you won’t be walked into something you can’t back out from and you may well find that partnership to help start getting more business; that’s lead generation Ireland

    Who Are We

    Providing Lead Generation in Ireland B2B Sell ( Reg No. 456369) is a registered trading name of Winslow Technology Ltd (Reg No. 474446) and our service enables our clients to introduce, expand or ‘test’ a product or find new customers, in Ireland, the UK or the US.
    The company was founded by David Doyle, Electronics & Computer Science at DIT (1988) and graduate of Enterprise Ireland, Export Sales Development Programme (2000), who has a track record of building a business from zero to acquisition.

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