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Technology Telesales

People still buy from people, the more complex the sale, the truer this is! Especially if the ticket price is high and it is technology. B2B Sell is not a call centre. In the technology telesales space, all our agents are mature, experienced people and have been C Level Executives and Business Owners themselves. Whether you’re looking for:

  • Opportunity Research
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Technology Telesales
  • Sales Outsourcing

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Decision Maker

In technology telesales, it is generally a critical decision, which needs to be placed in a ‘safe pair of hands’. Through bitter and expensive experience, we’ve discovered that decision makers trust and like speaking with an experienced mature voice.

So, once our experienced people speak with someone on the ‘decision making team’, they can have a mature conversation about the business case.

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Qualify the Opportunity

  1. Then qualify the opportunity to ensure they have the problem you solve
  2. They are open to solving the problem soon
  3. Ensure ‘the point of contact’ are involved in the buying process
  4. Perhaps talk about budget

Technology Telesales







IT or Innovative Technology

The team are business focused but we specifically deal with vendors of software, hardware or innovative scientific technology products and solutions.


We only work on B2B, business to business; in other words, we make calls to other businesses not consumers at home.

Systematic & Consistent

For a campaign to work you need to be systematic and consistent. It will never work on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis, unless you’re very lucky. As we all know, luck is not a sales strategy!

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Cold & Warm Calling

Your sales people could be great but probably hate lifting the phone to complete strangers and talking to them. They prefer to spend their time in front of qualified opportunities and closing deals. This is particularly true in technology telesales where a BDM might feel cold calling is beneath them.

Why outsource?

  1. Consistently make more calls than you could
  2. Experienced mature agents
  3. A systematic approach
  4. No on-boarding and HR issues involved
  5. Hit the ground running

So, if you’d like more sales without adding to head count why not have a chat about our technology telesales services.

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