Enterprise Sales Solutions

Enterprise Sales SolutionsEnterprise Sales Solutions – At B2BSell, we’re a small team but that doesn’t mean we can’t offer the larger corporation a solution, initially using our small in-house team.

Once we’ve understood the challenges and have worked out the solutions which solve the sales problems and when we’re ready to scale the activity, we leverage our partnership with a leading sales outsourcing provider.

The Enterprise Sales Solution works like this;


  1. Regardless of their size we ask every customer the same four questions
    (a) What problem do you solve?
    (b) What’s your value proposition?
    (c) Who’s your target market or Ideal Prospect Profile?
    (d) What’s your differentiator or USP?
  2. Determine if it’s a complex or simple sale. By way of a definition a complex sale, is not where the product or service is complex but if it’s a sale where more than one person is involved in the sales decision or where multiple people have an influence. It can be ‘a job in itself’ determining who’s got influence but there are methods such as Miller Heiman’s.
  3. Develop a strategy
  4. Decide what tactics might be employed
  5. Determine the parameters for the initial campaign against a limited selection of ‘suspects’ or targets that fall into your Ideal Prospect Profile
  6. The outcome of the initial campaign can determine the conversion rate between ‘suspects’ and qualified opportunities, which in turn can be extrapolated against the entire market opportunity
  7. If appropriate we invite our partner organisation in and scale up the operation while we continue to refine and supervise the entire process.

When to Outsource Enterprise Sales?

when to outsource corporate sales

  1. When you haven’t the resources to secure new sales leads
  2. Launching or re engineering a niche solution
  3. Where you can’t wait to recruit and train a new team
  4. When you need a low risk model
  5. Where you need to research a new opportunity


  1. No recruitment costs or HR issues
  2. No long term commitment needed
  3. Minimal training needed
  4. Low risk

It costs nothing to talk, so please, feel free to lift up the phone or fill out the online form and find out if we might be able to help you. Don’t worry you won’t be walked into something you can’t back out of and you may well find that partnership to help start getting more business.

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