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This is where it all starts, but finding them is for many people the single most challenging part of the sales process!

Like any business process it’s always a lot easier if we utilise the knowledge of others who have gone before us, people who have researched the topic scientifically, broken it down into its component parts and applied techniques which work.

Finding sales leads is the first element of the sales process but often the one part that many salespeople find the most difficult.

When we talk about sales leads, we mean, qualified opportunity not just ‘suspects’. Organisations we’ve contacted asking qualifying questions, concerning Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale (BANT) or Funds, Authority, Interest, Need and Timescale!



We’re not talking about anything new here!

In order to start this process and before we try to generate a single lead, we need to ask ourselves four simple questions:

  • What problem do I solve?
  • What’s my value proposition?
  • What’s my ideal prospect profile (IPP) or target market
  • What’s my differentiator 

Above are the first four questions we ask any potential client. Remarkably they’re often the most difficult questions to answer! Usually, because most of us are too close to our product or service and can’t see it from the customer or potential customer’s point of view. If we fail to see ourselves as other see us and more importantly become relevant to what they need, our job as sales people is much more difficult than it needs to be.

So if you want to discover how we find;

  • Potential customers
  • Qualify them as real opportunities
  • Set appointments

Just call us at +353 1 5563231, email or fill out the inquiry form – We can guarantee one thing, at a minimum you’ll walk away with ideas that will positively enhance your lead generation and sales effectiveness.

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