Premature Buyer Remorse

buyer-remorseWhat is ‘Premature Buyer Remorse’

‘Premature Buyer Remorse’ – It’s that feeling of regret just before making a purchase decision, having apparently made up your mind already.

If you’re an experienced sales person, you may recognise this situation; you’ve got all the buying signals, you’ve covered off all the objections, they’ve indicated that they favour your solution, yet everything has come to a halt, immediately prior to getting a ‘YES’.

Having thought about what are the characteristics that leads to this phenomenon, it appears to happen where a decision is arrived at quickly, sometimes irrationally, without all the facts or on ‘gut instinct’.

The higher the ticket price the greater the probability of ‘Premature Buyer’s Remorse’.

Reason for ‘Buyer Remorse’ or ‘Premature Buyer Remorse’
  • Where a difficult choice has to be made between two or more similar alternatives
  • When the buyer doesn’t fully, or feel they don’t fully understand what they’re buying or why they need to buy it
  • Where there are too many choices
  • Where a person starts to distrust positive emotions associated with a potential purchase as ‘too good to be true’
  • Someone new is introduced to the buying process after the start of the evaluation
How to counteract or respond to ‘Premature Buyer Remorse’

The answer to that question depends on the reasons as stated above for example;

Too many choices – Answer – Use a compelling differentiator that’s important or better again compelling to the buyer.If you have thoughts or ideas about this please feel free to post a comment or contact for further information.

Premature buyer remorse, any comments?



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