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Ringless Voicemail

How To Use Ringless Voicemail To Land More Clients

Want more clients? Check out these six ways that ringless voicemail can help forward thinking businesses.

Ringless Voicemail Technology

Ringless voicemail has emerged as the next evolution of technology for marketing and call centers. It goes beyond old predictive auto dialers and bulk text messaging to drop voice messages in the phones of prospects and clients. All without the phone needing to ring.

It provides a uniform, systematic, and high speed method of communication and marketing, which can be integrated with existing CRMs, and phone systems.

Generate More Inbound Calls

Ringless voicemail campaigns are ideal for generating inbound calls. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, have a small team, or just want your larger call center to operate more efficiently, ringless drops can get your phones ringing. Everyone knows that inbound calls are more appealing than making cold calls, and have a higher rate of converting. Using the same lists as phone sales reps would normally use for outbound, ringless can automatically turn them into inbound leads.

Make More Connections in Less Time

Sales is a numbers game. It is a matter of making enough connections in order to dig up the paying clients. Traditional cold calling, and even old school predictive dialers run into several challenges in this. There is compliance to keep in mind, calls that get bounced by recipients, and the restrictions of manual labor in making calls, and trying to warm up cold prospects.

Ringless voicemail drops and their affordability and speed of delivery rocket the number of potential contacts that can be made in an hour, and a shift. Then, once on the phone, the sales process and calls are shortened, as contacts have already expressed interest, and are responding to your company.

Resurrect & Cash in on Old Leads

Businesses and individual quickly mount up on stale and aging leads they failed to connect with. No one loves grinding away dialing the same old numbers, and it can have a low ROI per hour. Put them into your ringless voicemail campaign, can it will pick up any viable leads for you, and turn them back into hot prospects. Use that to fuel acquiring more fresh leads. Some will even use this technology to generate great returns from cheaper lead lists, or taking on the ‘dead’ leads others have given up on.

Attract Better Talent

Better talented salespeople not only convert at a higher rate, but often generate more per sale and per client than others. They don’t necessarily have to cost you any more either. Providing you are fueling them with the leads they need to close and earn their number.


The challenge is that great salespeople are not going to fail for all the rosy promises of leads virtually every company advertises. They want to know how you are going to do it. Ringless voicemail technology can help you produce those leads consistently, and attract the best salespeople.

It also helps you keep those top performers once you’ve got them. That means lower churn rates, better service, and a better bottom line.

Close the Gaps

The first contact or “yes,” isn’t always the biggest challenge. It is those that fall through the gaps before a real sale is made. Ringless drops sent in between that contact and a sales meeting, appointment, webinar or live event, help to close those gaps, and maximize action. If you can just double the number of ideal prospects to that closing session, you can double your sales.

Offer Targeted Deals

Most businesses suffer from having a significant number of leads that are sitting on the fence. They can stay there for a long time, or don’t convert as early as they could. That can often be changed and solved, and the client won, with targeted offers. Ringless voicemail can be used to drop these targeted offers at the right times, and tailored to the right groups of prospects in your database. For example; a nutrition company, who knows certain leads like a certain product, and time sales deals right before leads should be running out of a previous order. That ensures they don’t shop somewhere else, and opens upsell opportunities. The same can apply to car dealers ahead of tax refund season, or gyms around the break of the new year.


Ringless voicemail campaigns offer a wide variety of benefits for those seeking to land more clients, and keep them. They can be used to increase lead flow, improve ROI on labor and leads, and even boost the bottom line through better service, staff retention, and maximizing the value of each client. The compounding advantages ringless can provide, can significantly help to gain and maintain a competitive advantage, that goes well beyond short term client acquisition and immediate dollars in the bank as well.

By Guest Blogger: Katrina Manning

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