5 Profiles of B2B Sales Reps

The 5 Profiles of B2B Sales Reps

To put it in contexsales-rep-fixing-his-tiet this is selling in the world of B2B complex sales, not transactions in retailing, nor is it about marketing – In many ways it’s about changing the rules!

This month I’m going to talk to you about the most controversial topic in Big Ticket Sales Today –

The Challenger Sales Person

This is research conducted by CEB (See Website) a leading member-based advisory company based in the U.S.

Their research showed that on average the customer doesn’t contact the sales person until their decision is nearly 60% complete. At that stage the customer has:

  • Defined the business problem they need to solve
  • Short listed the suppliers they want to talk with
  • Decided what they’re going to pay for the solution

With this background CEB decided to take a long hard look at the different types of sales people and why some were more successful than others – The results were surprising and controversial!

CEB did a study of 6,000 sales reps across the world, over loads of different industries and they found something remarkable – They found that five profile types existed in the B2B sales space:

The the-hard-workerHard Worker

The Hard Worker is always willing to go the extra mile, doesn’t give up easily, and is self-motivated.

Chances of closing a sale in a complex environment = 10%


problem-solverThe Problem Solver

The Problem Solver is detail-oriented, addresses service issues quickly, and places importance on post-sales follow through

Chances of closing a sale in a complex environment = 7%




The Relationshiprelationship-builder Builder

The Relationship Builder doesn’t want to appear pushy, focuses on customer needs, and is generous with his or her time

Chances of closing a sale in a complex environment = 4%


The lone-wolfLone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is a salesperson who is self-assured, difficult to control, and follows his or her instincts.

Chances of closing a sale in a complex environment = 25%




The Cchallenger-salespersonhallenger

The Challenger always has a different view of the world, understands the customer’s business, and loves to debate

Chances of closing a sale in a complex environment = 54%


So which type of sales person are you then?

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