Cold Calling Tips – The Script

cold-calling-tipsCold Calling Tips – The Script

Many people think when they’re making a cold call – “ah just ‘wing it’” or “play it by ear” – This type of thinking is a recipe for a disaster and has given cold calling a bad name. So please follow our cold calling tips or contact us to find out  more.

When you make a call to a complete stranger, you have seconds to grab their attention, hold it and ask some qualifying questions (qualify questions are design to find out, if they have money to spend, you’re speaking with the person who signs the cheques, they need what you sell and they’re going to make a decision soon).

The only way to achieve this is to write down what you’re going to say and use it every time you call a prospect.

The above has the following effect;

I.          It’s easier to relax if you know what you’re going to say

II.         It keeps you on message and on course

The script and the way you deliver it should be;

  1. Polite
  2. Clear & to the point
  3. Contain frequent pauses to allow someone to interrupt, pace the delivery and build anticipation

The step by step format is generally like this;

  1. Introduction – Confirm their name e.g. “Hello is that Joe, Joe my name is Pat, Pat Smith of the ABC company”
  2. Explanation – Explain what you do in plain simple English
  3. Hook – A compelling and perhaps somewhat provocative opening statement but totally professional, which will grab their attention and create curiosity
  4. Permission to continue
  5. Qualifying questions
  6. Call to action – What happens next; Appointment, free trial or attend a webinar or conference

Happy Cold Calling

Interesting article on how to use the phone with confidence here HERE

To find out more why not contact us – ‘It cost nothing to talk’

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