Emotional Intelligence – How it can improve your life in business

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence  – How it can improve your life in business!

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and express your own emotions, understand others’ emotions, and use these skills to build professional and personal relationships. Emotional intelligence is a key aspect to being successful because overall, people like people they can connect to.  Below are some characteristics of people with emotional intelligence:

Self Awareness

Before you can understand anyone else, it is essential to understand yourself. Having the ability to know what you are feeling and what caused you to feel this way is a huge part in developing emotional intelligence. For example, if you are in a good mood and you can understand why you feel this way and can trace it back to something someone said to you- you could now use this to your advantage when you are speaking with a client or a boss and say something uplifting to him or her because you know how they will react.



What makes humans different from other living species? Empathy, the ability to connect with others and experience what others are feeling. If you can be empathetic with others this allows you to gain peoples trust. Mastering the ability to connect with people on deeper levels will open many doors in business. People won’t remember what you said to them, they will remember how you made them feel. It is crucial in business to make a lasting impression on someone.

Social Skills

Social Skills

Let’s face it, most people would prefer to sit next to someone at work that they can have a normal conversation with rather than someone who only has ‘book smarts’. Of course, business is work but no one wants a boring work place. Being able to have a casual chat with a coworker, boss, or client and ask how their day is and overall just let know that you have an interest in them is essential when mastering emotional intelligence. Remember you may have to deal with people of a different background or culture; you need to respect other people’s social norms.

These are just a few key aspects when considering what makes one emotionally intelligent. People crave relationships that can go beneath the surface, it is basic human nature to want to connect with those around us and fit in. This explains why everyone should have at least a basic understanding about emotional intelligence and if you wish to be successful at work it is crucial to master it.

Do you have all of the characteristics of emotional intelligence

By Kaitlin O’Neill – Sales & Marketing Assistant @B2BSell_com

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