Google Dumping

google-dumpingHave You Been Dumped by Google?

We all know that being relevant to Google’s search engine is a competitive battle.  It is competition that requires much time and money to succeed.  However this is time and money that could very well be wasted, if the correct formulas are not put in place.  Gaining a top rank on Google may seem easy to the everyday eye but it is the every day eye that does not see what it takes.


So what is ‘Google Dumping’? And how might this process affect you?

Most of us would give our right arm to get prominent top ranking but its ever increasing cost, hard work, sometimes luck and most report being ‘here today, gone tomorrow’! If you’re ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ – Congratulations you’ve been dumped by Google!

Although relevance is the biggest driver to Google, it’s a commercial enterprise and they need to earn money. So if you’re neither considered relevant enough or spending enough money you can be ‘Google Dumped’

If this has happened to you, Social Media Marketing may or may not be open to you. If you’re B2B, Social may not be an option.

There are alternatives; properly structured Lead Generation can not only find new business but because it’s a dialogue with the market you’re trying to reach, you might now find out how to be relevant and once more open up the door to Google. Don’t get us wrong, we’re great believers in Digital Marketing but it’s obvious not everybody can be on the first page.

If you want to find out more about the alternatives or to augment your digital strategy, please get in contact with us!

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