Sources of Free Business Data

Obtaining a business-to-business database (company lists) is for many the first step on the road to finding qualified leads (‘suspects’ really). Whether you’re looking for leads, researching companies or industries or searching for the all important names of executives, lists are frequently the way to ‘prime the pump’.

We freely omit that in the past Winslow Technology have wasted thousands or euro buying access to databases from companies like Bureau Van Dijk, money we could have better invested in, well backing a horse in the Grand National! Well they say ‘you live and learn’ – Never a truer phrase uttered.

However the wave of ‘disruptive technology’ which has swept so many platform has finally arrived to the world of databases. For the last couple of years FREE ‘new kids on the block’, both metaphorically and as a matter of fact have landed. Be afraid, be very afraid Bureau Van Dijk, Hoovers, Bill Moss, D&B and et al  here’s some of them – Enjoy:

UK & Ireland


UK Company by SIC Code

Others To Look At;


A technical tool to ‘screen scrape’ i.e. automatically extract data from a website – An acquired taste!

Ones worth paying for:

Ireland / NI

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