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Gaining access to the Right Person – We’re retuning to an issue first covered in the blog post “How to Get a Meeting with the CEO”.

When it comes to sales, the one thing to remember is, if there’s no meeting, there can be no sale. If you secure a meeting make sure its with the relevent person or persons and that they will be able to make that final decision to buy.

Whether you’re new to the sales role or a long serving sales person, the toughest part of the process is accessing the right person. Unless you have the access code, and yes there is an access code!

Your access code is your Valued Added Service (VAS).

Lets say you’re trying to get the meeting with the CEO of an IT company in Dublin 12 and you want to prove to him that you can cut his costs through invoicing; from standard issue invoices to e-invoicing.

A powerful VAS would look like this:
I understand from talking with Joe Soap that you don’t issue e-invoices? [Pause and wait here for a response]. Our organisation offers a great solution that will substantially reduce your invoicing costs and probably save you time. Other clients which adopted e-invoicing have reduced the cost per invoice by as much as 75% [Mention a reference site here if possible]. [Pause and wait for a response] As soon as it’s implemented you start saving money, it’s as simple as that. However this is best discussed at a meeting, so when’s the best time to meet up?

Using emphasis and enthusiasm at the right point in the conversation will really help!
Example …… will substantially (raise your volume slightly, slow down and put emphasis here)…. it’s as simple as that (lower the voice to tail off, with a slight pause between simple and as)
To obtain meetings of this nature, research on the company and the issues it may face is a must. Your knowledge to state a powerful VAS, rests upon your research and understanding of the challenges your potential client is facing.

Take time to strategise and include specific issues the client is undergoing whether it is face to face or over the phone, always make sure your talking to the right person or persons who can say YES!

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