Overseas Organisation – Why Use a Sales Agent?

If you’re not established within the UK or Ireland but you wish to sell into English speaking territories you have a few choices open to you;


commute-by-plane-sales-agent1. Commute by Plane – Travel by plane two or three times a month. This is expensive and may well involve visa applications and delays. You may not be completely familiar with local business protocols.





establish-local-office-sales-agent2. Establish a Local Office – Land & expand, set up and staff a local office. This can be expensive and risky.







buy-local-competitor-sales-agent3. Buy a Local Competitor – Expensive, risky and due diligence will take time







viking-raid4. Viking Raid – Land, spend time surveying the market, use hotels and rented cars to setup and make as many appointments as possible, then travel back home and try to service the existing sales pipeline remotely






uk-ireland-from-space-sales-agent5. Use a Sales Agent who;

a. Understands the local market

b. Is comfortable with local business protocols

c. Is resident in Ireland, the UK & the EU

d. Is cost effect and we can cap the marketing spend





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